Thursday, 14 August 2014 at 6:05 p.m.

 wildstar gold the whole of Ghana fans

People from Rio will feel here very few people, but it brings together a large number of Germans and Germany fans. Fared better today about Ghana, wildstar gold once the stadium Germany fans burst into, only silently listening to the shouts resounded through the whole of Ghana fans, is that Germany teams adjusted, although somewhat slack on the field, but I still caught up with the score, without letting my wife and the voyage took pity on June 25 El Salvador with Michael. Jackson

Today, El Salvador feels different on the mountain under the vision of Brazil, seeing the real slum. Here is El Salvador's old town, figured this out El Salvador dear Michael. why Jackson, Michael Jackson songs 'they here don't care about us' MTV, El Salvador is known for making this song, who played drums in the song called Olodum, is a local characteristic. Whether or not you like me love Michael Jackson but the star care for poor cities and peoples of the world, about children, about the worsening environmental problems of our Earth. ... Today, El Salvador people still miss him, loved him in a unique way. Life, need to live meaningful wonderful!June 26, El Salvador to Rio, staying the way Art Nouveau apartment house.2 times trip to Rio, alternative home arranged for 2 different apartment style, back to the Rio Hotel were the homes of artists, homeowners who live upstairs.

  my diet for today, Thursday, 14 August
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